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Embracing Imperfection: The Exclusivity of Custom Handcrafted Shoes

  We live in a world flooded with mass produced goods. Everything feels like a copy of another. One season, one new style and hundred thousand pieces in production! As a custom handcrafted shoe designer, I love the idea that the imperfection is not just acceptable – rather it is what makes each product truly exclusive. As experts say : always look for imperfections ~ they make a handcrafted product unique! What sets custom handcrafted juttis apart isn't just the quality of craftsmanship – it's the imperfections that make them truly one-of-a-kind. From subtle variations in leather texture to minor asymmetries in stitching, these imperfections are a testament to the human touch that went into their creation. Rather than detracting...

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Review from Shraddha Kapoor

We received this amazing review from one of the most talented Female Actor of Bollywood " Thank you for the juttis. Going through the page and really like the stuff! Good luck to you guys and may you continue making some awesome juttis!"  

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We're on NDTV

If you are an Indian Wedding fan, then you have probably seen the amazing show 'Band Baajaa Bride' on NDTV Goodtimes.  We recently got picked by NDTV for their new venture 

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