Made-To-Order Juttis

In a world full of pret, be a 'Haute Couture'.
At Sozān, our philosophy is to be unique. We cater to men who don't compromise with quality and enjoy the finest of artistry; who like to stand apart from the crowd and define their own style.
Raftaar shoes
Made-to-order shoes for Raftaar
Create your own signature style with Sozān. Our shoes are handcrafted with care by artisans who were traditionally passed down the art of jutti making by their earlier generations. There are only a handful of artisans who stitch the juttis with fineness and they are Sozān artisans. 
Let the shoe spirits take you high!
Where to begin :
The process is simple. Fill the form below and our team will get in touch with you to discuss your design, your idea, process and purpose.