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*Sample pic - Custom-made for a client

Tattoos are a means of expression. Each design is personal and unique to the person. Similarly, we believe Fashion and Style are personal means of expression. 
We believe in lasting legacies, we believe in Exclusive Luxury, We believe in Leaving a Mark. Tattooed Juttis are Unique - and we are the world's First Brand to Make them for you. 

All the tattoos are made using real ink and real tattoo machine. 

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1. Select: Pick the size of your Tan leather shoe you want to be tattooed. 

2. Design: Decide on your design. It can be anything from initials to a unique symbol or a quote. 

3. Fill the Form: Fill the tattoo form (available at the end of this page) in detail with as much information as possible.
Our Custom Inked Jutti Prices start from Rs.15000 for initials. 

4. Order: Once received, our team will be in touch within 5 working days to finalize the tattoo and give you a final quote. If you are happy to go ahead, we will send you a payment link request to secure your order. Once your payment has been processed, our artisans and Tattooists will get to work.
Please note : a non-refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000 is required to advance any order once you’ve submitted your details and confirmed. Your advance amount will be settled against your overall order value*

5. Get Excited: All the shoes are made-to-order and will be made from the scratch to meet your specific requirements. Since the shoes are hand-sewn and hand-tattooed, they take about 5-6 weeks to manufacture. Relax and wait for your Unique Handcrafted Hand-Inked Pair of Juttis.


All tattoos are made by our resident Tattoo Artist using real tattoo machine and ink. During the tattoo process, the leather will darken very slightly around the tattoo itself. This is a natural part of the process as the leather has to be polished prior to artwork being applied.

Each pair of tattooed juttis is unique and made to your specifications. Hence, they can not be resold, returned or exchanged.


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