'Good shoes take you good places' 

sozān juttis are carefully handcrafted for all time, seasons and every mood that's why a little care of your lovely fine leather juttis will ensure their longer life to adorn your feet.
Each pair is uniquely handcrafted hence no 2 handmade juttis will be 100% alike. That's the beauty of a handcrafted juttis - they are one-of-a-kind.

Tip 1 : More you wear – better they fit

The juttis are handcrafted using authentic leather. There is no left or right in women’s juttis– but once worn, jutti will automatically take the shape of your feet. 
The more you wear them – the better they fit.



Tip 2 : Walk in them      

When buying, we suggest snug fit as genuine leather loosen up a bit to take shape of your feet. But for some – this might not happen in the first time. So don’t stress your feet by wearing the brand new shoes to a full day’s work straight out of the box. Ease them in by wearing them around the house for a few hours or for short rendezvous. This will soften up the construction and ensure a comfortable fit.

Pro Tip : Our juttis are made with care and will not sting your feet but if you want to be precautious you may line your juttis with mustard oil for a day and leave, it will further soften the leather. 






Tip 3 : Say no to water

Try not to take your new shoes for a walk in the rain. Water is not a friend of leather. Leather is a porous material and will deteriorate in the wet.

If you’ve by any chance walked on a damp floor – DO NOT dry your shoes in front of a heat source or you’ll crack the leather. Simply stuff them with newspaper or tissue paper and allow them to dry out naturally. 



Tip 4 : Wrap in muslin or use shoe tree

Keep your juttis wrapped in Muslin cloth. The Muslin is soft and lets your product breathe while still protecting it from weather changes.
Men can use a good quality shoe tree to keep their shoes in shape.


Tip 5: Keep them Clean

*For cleaning the printed area, wipe gently with a damp cloth and mild cleanser.
*For cleaning the leather surface - use leather cleaner.


We take pride in our products. All our juttis are 100% hand-stitched and hand-crafted. From pattern making to embroidery, all the work on our juttis are hand done by some of the finest artisans in India and all our designs are original.

Take time to clean your shoes. We make them with love and we’d like to see the love last. 

All boxes come with a care card so you don't have to worry about reading them online but if you have any doubt regarding cleaning, write to us at

‘May your feet take you where your heart wants to go!’